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Is Data Really Private in the Public Cloud?

One of the more interesting books that’s crossed our radar lately is Future Crimes, in which futurist and security expert Marc Goodman looks at the opportunities and dangers of a highly connected, data-driven world. Since our own business depends on helping our clients manage their critical data effectively and securely, you can imagine how eagerly we read this interview with Goodman about keeping data private off-premises and in the public cloud.

In particular, he points out that while companies have recently become far more aware of the need to pay attention to data privacy, they aren’t actually doing much more to protect it than they ever have. He also predicts that we’re going to see nested layers of hosted cloud services, with all the security and compliance issues that implies.

In short, the future of cloud security is going to be even more complicated than it already is. Call Xantrion for help preparing for it.