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Don’t Let Your Cybersecurity Blow Away in the Cloud

Whether you use only one application in the cloud or you’ve shifted your entire infrastructure there, your security needs to cover your entire infrastructure — public, private, cloud-based, and traditional. But as companies mix on-site data centers with vendor-provided cloud services, they often fail to adjust their data cybersecurity accordingly. So says a new study from the SANS Institute, which found that fewer than a third of organizations have a strategy that describes how their traditional and cloud computing models work together, which data and applications to send to the cloud and which to keep in-house, and how to establish appropriate safeguards for each external cloud services provider.

Respondents said they had a hard time creating a cybersecurity strategy, in part because they lacked visibility into cloud provider best practices, and also because cloud service providers didn’t cooperate enough in supporting the customers’ cybersecurity technology.

Xantrion can help you establish appropriate cybersecurity policies both on premise and in the cloud. We can also help you choose cloud service vendors that are happy to be transparent about their own cybersecurity practices, because that’s who we choose to do business with.