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Defending Your Cybersecurity Strategy: Show Your Work

If your company experiences a data breach, you’ll need to prove that you already had appropriate cybersecurity technologies in place and demonstrate where your sensitive data was, who accessed it, and how they used and shared it. The problem is, many regulations, such as the EU’s pending General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), require you to report a breach in weeks or even days — but it may take you a month or more to identify a breach, never mind pull together the necessary information to report it.

To be able to provide auditors with the information they demand, you should be doing these three key things already:

1. Monitoring all sensitive data

2. Creating detailed audit logs that show all relevant activity

3. Keeping data where it belongs

Xantrion can help you set up the controls you need to identify the cause of a cybersecurity incident, mitigate the damage, and demonstrate compliance with relevant regulations. Contact us to get started.