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Beware of SamSam

SamSam ransomware attacks hit almost 60 organizations across the US in the last year, with cleanup costs that topped $17 million for the city of Atlanta and $1.5 million for Colorado’s state department of transportation $1.5 million. The total cost and the extent of the damage is still unknown.
We do know that the health care industry is a particular target, accounting for about one in four ransomware attacks both by SamSam and in general. But that doesn’t mean other industries are safe. No matter what industry you’re in, you should be taking these three steps to protect yourself:

  • Using two-factor authentication wherever possible
  • Keeping up to date with security and software patching
  • Maintaining good backups and keeping them segregated from the rest of your network so they can’t be compromised by an attack

Contact Xantrion to learn how we can help you at every step so you can prevent attacks and recover quickly if one happens.