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Are your Vendors your Biggest Security Risk?

Your company’s cybersecurity is only as good as that of your business partners and vendors— and that’s often not good enough. A recent Forrester Research survey attributed 17% of confirmed data breaches in 2017 to third-party incidents.

In fact, the Online Trust Alliance (OTA) blames most third-party security incidents on vendor failure to follow basic security practices like having a proper patching program, using strong encryption, blocking malicious email, and conducting security awareness training. If everyone followed the fundamentals, the OTA believes 93% of breaches could be prevented.

In response to this risk, regulatory agencies increasingly require that companies asses the cybersecurity programs of vendors with whom they share sensitive information. That’s where we come in. Our experts can perform these assessments for you, helping you ensure that your data remains safe even when it is not on your systems. We can also steer you in the direction of vendors we already trust. Contact us to learn more.