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10 Social Engineering Tricks to Watch Out For

Social engineering attacks accounted for 43 percent of data breaches in the last year, according to Verizon’s Data Breach Investigations Report. To boost your firm’s security, we’re sharing this list of ten social engineering ploys your employees might not recognize:

  1. Vishing – voice calls from scammers claiming to be a bank, the IRS, tech support, etc.
  2. SEO hijacking – using marketing tactics to drive search engine traffic to malware
  3. Phishing websites using HTTPS
  4. Malware-laden phony sites that spoof the real thing
  5. “Right-to-left override” files
  6. Embarrassing selfie/porn site ransom scams
  7. Fake ransom threats
  8. “File too big” phishing emails
  9. Hacks via administrative access
  10. Automated password guessing

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