Webcast and Special Offer

Navigating a More Active Regulatory Environment on the Security, Privacy and ESG Fronts

Watch the following webcast for tips on how to navigate the changes the investment community can expect in the 2021 regulatory environment.

Key takeaways include, how to:

  • Maintain a strong compliance program with proper documentation
  • Step up vendor cybersecurity due diligence and maintain defenses against ransomware
  • Develop a repeatable approach to compliance with privacy regulations as more states implement laws
  • Oversee ESG Investing with regular ESG board reporting from management teams

Free 1-hour Security Assessment

What's Your Security Score?

As a bonus, you have the option to receive a free 1-hour security assessment.

The assessment will include an overall security score as well as scores for each of the 15 elements of the NIST cybersecurity framework that are relevant for investment advisors.

The scores and score explanations will help you determine whether your data protections are adequate or need improvement, and in which areas. Others have used this assessment to demonstrate that their organization can rest easy or might consider additional resources for their cybersecurity program.

Request your free assessment today.

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