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IT disaster avoidance and disaster recovery

Don’t let a disaster derail your business.

Be prepared.

Natural disasters, man-made disasters, or user errors—anything that disrupts data flow and communications impacts your organization. Xantrion Managed ContinuityTM  provides disaster avoidance and disaster recovery services that safeguard your information and systems. You can relax, you're prepared.

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Avoid disasters all together.

Keep servers, applications, and data out of harm's way.

Most up-to-date IT industy tips and best practices

Reduce your risks with disaster avoidance measures.

Keep servers , applications, and data out of harm’s way.

Host your systems in the Xantrion Managed CloudTM located in Denver, with failover to our Managed Cloud in Salt Lake City.

Protect your data from hardware failure, power loss, sprinkler and HVAC malfunctions, fire, flood, earthquake, and building closure.

Get back to work quickly with disaster recovery protocols.

Plan development and implementation

Scheduled testing and documentation management

Ensure data integrity with high redundancy and reliable failover.

Designate a restoration location, either one of your locations or the Xantrion Managed Cloud.

Specify data replication frequency, from periodic snapshots to transaction-level granularity

Ensure you meet recovery time and data restoration requirements for your industry.

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