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Xantrion Consultant, Pat Carpenter Takes His Commitment to Service Seriously

Anne Bisagno


Xantrion's consultants take their commitment to client service seriously. Just ask Pat Carpenter, who was on call one recent Sunday afternoon when a client's server went down and refused to restart.


When Pat got the trouble ticket at about 2pm, he excused himself from a lunch date with his mother and grandmother to drive to the client's home office in Half Moon Bay. His initial troubleshooting revealed a hardware problem that required him to spend two hours on the phone with Dell. Dell eventually had to send out a technician, who worked with him to bring the server back up — but then Pat discovered the hardware failure had corrupted some essential software. That led to more time on the phone, this time with Microsoft.


By the time everything was working properly, it was 10:30pm. Pat recapped his fixes and drove home to the East Bay.


And yes, he says, Mom and Grandma understood completely.

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