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What to Do When the Worst Has Happened

Anne Bisagno


The day you've dreaded has come: you've had a major data breach. Now you face the challenge of addressing it.


What you need most right now is a formal incident response plan that helps you minimize the fallout. If you don't have a formal plan, you're likely to make these five mistakes that drive up your costs and damages:


  • 1. Responding prematurely, before you know the extent of the breach
  • 2. Communicating breach details to stakeholders in a way that makes matters worse
  • 3. Waiting too long to involve your legal department
  • 4. Alerting attackers to your investigation
  • 5. Using an inadequate or inexperienced response team

Call Xantrion's experienced IT pros for help developing plans and procedures for handling a data breach — and for putting them into effect if and when the worst happens.

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