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Watch Out For These Security Threats in 2015

Anne Bisagno


  1. When WIRED magazine pulled out its crystal ball to predict the most serious threats to data security for 2015, we paid close attention. Granted, our clients aren't likely to be targeted by hackers trying to steal state secrets or take over vital national infrastructure. But some of the other threats on the list are directly relevant to the companies Xantrion supports.

1.  Extortion:  November's giant Sony hack was the first high-profile data breach that included threats to leak corporate secrets unless the company did the attackers' bidding. How would you respond if someone threatened to leak your company's confidential information?

    1. 2.  Data destruction:  The Sony hack also highlighted a tactic that's been used before: not just stealing data, but deleting it or damaging it past the point of recovery. What would you do if someone wiped your business-critical data?

    1. 3.  Third-party breaches:  As we've said before, hackers often target smaller companies as a way to access the larger, more lucrative companies with which they do business. The hackers behind last year's infamous Target breach supposedly got in through the network of a heating and air-conditioning company that did business with the retailer. What if your own lack of data security caused a catastrophic data breach for one of your vendors, customers, or business partners?
Fortunately, basic data security practices can provide the protection you need. Contact Xantrion today for help setting up and maintaining proper backups, solid protection against viruses and malware, and a disaster recovery plan to restore your systems if the worst happens.


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