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The iPad: Still Not Quite Enterprise-Ready

Anne Bisagno


While the iPad has been a game-changer in the consumer market, uptake in the enterprise market has been a lot more lukewarm. In fact, among Xantrion's client base, the iPad hasn't made any significant inroads at all, even as vendors like Microsoft and Lenovo pick up more market share.


There are several reasons why the iPad has failed to catch on at the enterprise level, but we think the primary problem is the lack of full-featured productivity tools. Windows-based tablets come with mobile device management, IT security tools, and Microsoft Office built in. The iPad, on the other hand, requires additional apps — at an additional fee.

That said, we recognize how much users love their iPads, so we aren't going to advise you to get rid of them if your employees are using them already. Call us and we'll help you set up, manage, and secure them appropriately. 

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