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The 3 Cs of Cybersecurity

Anne Bisagno


If you hope to get your non-technical employees actively engaged in helping the company fend off cyber threats, you can't talk to them in technical terms. Lance Spitzner, a board member of the National Cyber Security Alliance, suggests framing the issue with these three Cs:


Communication. Explain why employees should care about security, tell them what to do in simple terms, and make sure they're able to do those things.


Collaboration. Partner with individuals and departments across the organization to make sure everyone understands and supports the necessary behavioral changes.


Culture. Communicate in content and formats that suit your corporate culture. Buttoned-down companies might prefer a group presentation with handouts held in a conference room during work hours. More laid-back organizations might respond better to funny videos employees can watch on their phone when convenient.


Most security pros don't have the soft skills that drive these three Cs, but Xantrion does. Call us for help developing employee cybersecurity training that's both comprehensive and appropriate for your company.

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