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Staying Dry in a Storm of Cybercrime

Anne Bisagno


Your small to midsize business probably can't avoid a determined hacker - but that's okay. The goal of cybersecurity isn't to prevent all intrusions, any more than the goal of an umbrella is to stop a rainstorm.


In the ongoing storm of hacks and attacks, you need a multilayered approach to security, including a contingency plan like the ones supply chain risk management groups put together. Think of it as the equivalent of an umbrella, boots, a rain slicker, and maybe even a hat. If you stay on top of the latest security threats, detect intrusions and attacks as early as possible, and create a mitigation plan to help you recover quickly from lost data and damaged systems, you'll stay (mostly) dry.


Xantrion can't do much about the weather, but we can help you create a mulitilayered strategy to mitigate your network security risks. Call us today to get started.

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