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Spending Smarter on Security

Anne Bisagno


Are you putting your cybersecurity dollars where they'll do the most good? Probably not. A recent RAND study found that organizations aren't as strategic about security spending as they could be — and that as a result, their security costs will rise 38 percent over the next decade. On the other hand, RAND says that an effective security staff can cut the cost of cybersecurity by 19 percent in the first year and 28 percent by the tenth year.


Xantrion's experiences align with the study's results and its recommendations. We see technologies designed to detect and isolate intrusions offer less protection with every passing year as hackers come up with countermeasures to circumvent them. After a decade, these technologies have lost as much as 65 percent of their effectiveness. On the other hand, we've found that improving overall security hygiene and reducing risk exposure through measures like network access control, firewall policy enforcement, and patch management remain highly effective.

If you're looking for experienced security professionals who can deliver the most bang for your cybersecurity buck, contact Xantrion. We'll help you keep your protection levels high and your costs low.

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