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Sorry, Windows Server 2003, We're Through

Anne Bisagno


Microsoft officially stopped supporting Windows Server 2003 on July 14. That means no more patches or upgrades to fix glitches, bugs, and most importantly, security issues. That's not a great position to be in, considering that as recently as 2013, Microsoft issued 37 patches to Server 2003, an average of more than 3 patches a month.


We know breaking up is hard to do, even when you've known for a while that it has to happen. Your legacy applications may not run on newer versions of Microsoft Server, and your existing hardware may not support them. Not upgrading is not an option, though. For one thing, running an unsupported OS puts you out of PCI and HIPAA compliance. More importantly, it's now open season for hackers on Server 2003 — and if you're still running it, you're on your own.

It's time to say goodbye to Server 2003. If you're still relying on it, or if you're trying to prioritize the changes that upgrading is going to require, let us help you make a plan to move on.

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