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Security Comes from Within

Anne Bisagno


We've blogged before about how important it is to ensure your employees understand how to help prevent data breaches, but the threat doesn't seem to be diminishing. In fact, a new survey by the Ponemon Institute pins the blame for two-thirds of insider-related security incidents on employee or contractor negligence. What's more, organizations spend about $2.3 million a year addressing these incidents, at an average cost of about $207,000 each.


While it's fortunate that most insider incidents aren't the result of deliberate malice, far too many of them can be traced back to simple carelessness, like someone inadvertently mailing or publishing sensitive data or losing a mobile device containing unencrypted files.


Evidence shows that good employee security awareness training can keep these accidents from happening. We urge you to ramp up your training efforts. The first step is to call us.

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