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Pressure to Prioritize Security is Growing

Anne Bisagno


In just the last few months, we've seen some significant developments that suggest companies are going to be under ever greater pressure to do more to protect their data.


•  In August, the courts agreed that the Federal Trade Commission has the authority to evaluate whether American companies are securing their data well enough to keep hackers out — and to sue those that aren't.

•  In September, Standard and Poors (S&P) issued guidance that it had the authority to downgrade the ratings of financial service firms with inadequate cyber security.

•  In October, the Department of Defense started requiring defense contractors to disclose the details of breaches involving sensitive information.


This suggests that companies need to harden their security postures — not just to keep cyber criminals out, but to protect themselves against liability lawsuits. One leading technology lawyer says companies need to set, monitor, and audit goals in three areas:


1. security system design

2. monitoring, with prompt notice and mitigation of potential issues

3. remote and third-party access


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