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Preparing for the Worst with an Incident Response Plan

Responding successfully to a cybersecurity incident is like getting to Carnegie Hall: it takes practice, practice, practice. Everyone needs to know what to do and how to do it ahead of time so they don’t waste precious time in a crisis trying to figure out what to do first. A solid incident response plan has three parts:

  • An established process that sets out who’s in charge in an incident, what resources are available, and the detection and containment options.
  • Identification of critical assets and data so you can determine how they might be threatened and what controls will help you protect them in an incident.
  • Tabletop exercises that test the incident response plan against multiple scenarios, both to help people understand their roles and to detect any weaknesses in the plan.

Xantrion can help you develop an incident response plan, practice putting it into effect, and help you respond when a cybersecurity breach happens. Contact us for more information.