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Looks Like a Phone, Works Like a Laptop?

Anne Bisagno


Do you tote a phone, a laptop, and maybe even a tablet to ensure you have all the tools you need to work on the go? Those days might be coming to an end with the newest development in mobile devices: the smartphone that's also a laptop.


No, we aren't kidding. This summer, HP is launching its Elite x3 Windows 10 device, which makes calls and runs mobile apps like a smartphone but docks with a combined display and keyboard that turns it into a laptop capable of running Windows legacy applications. That's something no handheld has been able to do yet.


Xantrion is keeping an eye on this intriguing development. If the HP handheld takes off, we expect other vendors to leap into the market, and smartphones with full laptop functionality will create new challenges in network management, mobile device management, and data security. However, they'll also be great for productivity — not to mention your overstuffed briefcase and aching back!

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