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Law Firms Make Tempting Cybercrime Targets

Anne Bisagno


Legal files are chock full of personally identifying information, corporate records, financial ledgers, details of legal proceedings, and other data to make a cybercriminal drool. Yet the available evidence suggests that law firms aren't doing nearly enough to safeguard this sensitive information. When one security firm randomly surveyed 30 firms with at least 500 attorneys, it discovered that all of them were still vulnerable to a security flaw reported in May 2015, and 97 percent were still vulnerable to a flaw first reported in October 2014.


In fact, a September 2015 report by the American Bar Association revealed that 25% of law firms with at least 100 attorneys have already been victims of a data breach. However, 47% of all surveyed firms said they had no incident response plans, and more than half of large firms didn't even have a chief information security officer.


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