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Hackers Love Weak Passwords

Anne Bisagno


Software patches and malware blockers are an important part of data security, but software vulnerabilities aren't hackers' favorite target. They can get much deeper into your network if they seem to belong there — and according to a new report from IT security collective Praetorian, companies aren't making that difficult enough.


The report reveals that of the five types of attack most likely to be successful, four involve using stolen or easily guessed network credentials. The antidote involves basic tools and practices that can significantly improve network security at minimal cost — but which many companies haven't bothered to deploy.


Praetorian suggests that instead of trying to prevent passwords from being stolen, companies should take steps to ensure that one compromised password doesn't throw the doors to the entire network wide open. These steps have been part of Xantrion's best practices for a long time. To learn more about what we're doing to protect your data and infrastructure, give us a call.

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