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Fighting the "TMI" Approach to Security

Anne Bisagno


The CEO of a leading data security company recently criticized the security industry's current approach to breach detection. Basically, he said it suffers from a bad case of Too Much Information.


We couldn't agree more.

Detection tools generate an overwhelming volume of alerts and incident logs. Understaffed, overworked IT teams have to invest enormous amounts of time and energy analyzing this raw data to identify threats and determine the best way to address them. It's far more efficient and effective when security tools do the analysis for you and deliver prioritized recommendations for action. But how do you know what those tools are and whether their recommendations are trustworthy?

Let's face it: there are no silver bullets in IT security. The bad guys will eventually find a way around even the most cutting-edge technology, even as the good guys come up with a new way to block them. Nonetheless, experienced IT security pros can point you at tools that provide solid advice you can act on with confidence. If you're drowning in security TMI, call Xantrion. We'll help you focus on what's important.

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