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Double Your Data, Double Your Confidence

Anne Bisagno


We've recently added a second data center in Salt Lake City to supplement the one we already operate in Denver. In addition to doubling our capacity for remote hosting and offsite data storage, this new colocation facility lets us offer an extra layer of disaster preparedness to our clients for whom a single backup just isn't enough. In fact, Xantrion has already set that up for one client, a financial services firm that wanted to be absolutely certain it could continue to operate. 


Xantrion spent a week setting up and testing all the hardware and software destined for the new data center and working with vendors to create a secure Internet connection between Salt Lake City and Denver. Then came the installation of the new equipment in Salt Lake City.

After that, replicating the client's data from Denver to Salt Lake City only took about a week. All that had to be done was set up the software that compresses and copies the data, then make sure it continued to update incrementally after the initial full replication.

The financial services firm now has identical copies of its mail, file, and terminal servers, as well as all of its critical data, in two locations. Each is set to fail over to the other in the unlikely event of a significant outage at either data center.  Xantrion is ready to duplicate the process for any other client that needs to keep functioning in even the worst-case scenario.

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