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Don't Skimp on Employee Security Education

Anne Bisagno


You wouldn't expect your employees to master new skills without training. Why would you expect them to keep your network safe without security education?


We were shocked recently to read that certain leaders in the IT security industry don't believe in cybersecurity awareness and training for the average employee. If your employees don't understand why and how to protect your infrastructure and data, you're putting the entire burden on your hardware and software — and leaving yourself open to damage from preventable missteps. As our article about cyber con artists shows, human beings can be the weak link in your security posture, but they don't have to be.

Xantrion believes user education is a critical part of a multi-pronged approach to security that also includes hardware, software, and IT pros who know what to do with the information your security tools generate. Call us for help developing a security strategy that's strong across all those areas.

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