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Don't Let Hackers Hold Healthcare Hostage

Anne Bisagno


Last month, we wrote about the growing threat of malware that encrypts your critical data until you either pay a hefty fee to regain access to it, or refuse to pay and lose your data forever. Ransomware is becoming an expensive problem for every industry, but for healthcare organizations, the stakes are even higher: not just the costs of lost or stolen records, damaged credibility, and remediation, but the potentially devastating ramifications of unexpected downtime. According to one analysis, a single ransomware incident could cost a hospital as much as $1.5 million.

Most healthcare organizations hire an external company like Xantrion to assess their network vulnerabilities and come up with a remediation plan in the event of a security breach. Call us today for help. We'll improve the health of your network so you can focus on improving the health of your patients.

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