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Does Your Website Need Bleach After a Breach?

Anne Bisagno


One of the ways cybercriminals do their dirty work is by infecting unsuspecting websites with malware, which then spreads to anyone who visits. In the last year alone, Google has detected more than 800,000 websites that have been victimized in this way — that's an astonishing 16,500 newly infected sites each week. And when Google teamed up with the University of California at Berkeley to determine how to help webmasters at hacked sites fight back, it discovered that the best defense was to send them an email with samples of the malicious activity and tips on countering it.


Three out of four webmasters who received these emails were able to fix their breached sites. By comparison, only 54 percent of those who received browser warnings fixed their breaches, and only 43 percent of those who got Google search warnings. In addition, webmasters who got Google's email remediated 62 percent faster than those who didn't.


An old proverb says "A word to the wise is sufficient." If you get the word from Google that your website has been hacked, we'll help you fix it wisely.

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