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Cybersecurity is National Security

Anne Bisagno


As cyber threats become more frequent and dangerous, the US Presidential Commission on Enhancing National Cybersecurity has released a report recommending that the public and private sectors work together to protect critical infrastructure in six key areas:


•  Security of the information infrastructure and digital networks 
•  Acceleration and investment in security and growth of digital networks and digital economy 
•  Preparing consumers for the digital age 
•  Building cybersecurity workforce capabilities 
•  Equipping government to effectively and securely function in the digital age 
•  Ensuring an open, fair, competitive, and secure global digital economy 


The 100-page report, "Securing and Growing the Digital Economy," includes both short- and long-term guidance. Given everything Xantrion observes about cyber threats, we're planning to read it carefully — are you?


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