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Cybersecurity is a Top Management Issue

Anne Bisagno


If the devastating and embarrassing hacks successfully perpetrated on Target, JPMorgan Chase, Home Depot, and other established brands have proved one thing, it's that top management needs to take responsibility for cybersecurity. However, a recent Ponemon study shows that most boards of directors don't understand the risks as well as they should.


Smart C-level executives and boards of directors are starting to recognize just how much responsibility they have for protecting the safety, security, and integrity of their networks and data. They're finally aware that cyber risk is one of the most pressing threats to the business, right up there with credit risk, liquidity risk, and operational risk. But awareness isn't enough. It takes action:

1.  Educating the board and C-suite about the company's cyber risk profile 
2. Finding sufficiently expert advisors to provide ongoing insight and assistance 
3. Conducting regular reviews of the company's cyber risk management plans and breach readiness status 

Xantrion can help you understand your organization's risk profile and improve your ability to manage the cyber risks you face. Contact us for help building an approach to cybersecurity that reaches all the way to the top.

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