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Beware of Ransomware

Anne Bisagno


Ransomware attacks are becoming dramatically more common. Cybercriminals who access networks to encrypt the data, then refuse to unlock it until the victim pays a hefty fee, raked in more than $24 million from nearly 2,500 attacks last year — and that's only including cases that were reported to the FBI.


This is a true no-win situation: either you pay whatever it takes to get your data back, or you refuse to pay and lose your data forever. That's why there's no agreement yet on what to do if ransomware puts you in lockdown. Some security experts say the attacks will keep coming as long as people are willing to pay up, while others say that any price is worth paying to recover data that's business-critical or hasn't been backed up.


We say the best defense is a good offense: protection against ransomware infection combined with regular backups for business continuity. Xantrion can help you with both — so call us before you find yourself facing a difficult choice.

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